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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pandavara Hole (ಹೊಳೆ) - Uttara Kannada District

“Pandavara Hole”  is a beautiful picnic spot located nearly 11 km from Sirsi town. In Kannada "Hole" (ಹೊಳೆ) means small stream or small river. This place is located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state. Here ”Kengre” river flows through the  green forest.  In river you can see the Shiva Linga carved on the stone. And also you can see “Gogarbha” (stones are carved naturally by river which looks like cow’s stomach), Bheemana Hejje, Hanging Bridge etc. 

Route Map:

Route1:  Approximately 11 km from Sirsi town.

·         From Sirsi town à Go in Hulekal Road up-to 5km, you will get “Neernahalli” cross on right side. Go in Neernahalli Road, take left deviation on that road which moves towards “Itaguli” village.
·          In that road go up-to 1.5 km you will get one mud road (2nd left mud road) on left side which moves towards “GubbiGadde” village. Then go in that road up-to 4km you will get  “Idatalli” village.
·          From that village you have to go in left road up-to 0.5 km  which reaches to “Pandavara Hole”. Bikes are going up-to Pandavara Hole. 4-wheelers are going up-to “Idatalli” village from there you have to walk 0. 5km.

Route2: Approximately 13 km from Sirsi town.

·         From Sirsi town à Go in Hulekal Road up-to 10 km, you will get “Balegadde” village.
·         From that village take right deviation and go in mud road up-to 3km which moves towards “GubbiGadde” village.
·         From GubbiGadde go to Pandavara Hole. From this direction 4 wheelers are going up-to Pandavara Hole “Hanging Bridge”.

Note for Tourists: There is no food facility. And NWKRTC bus facility is available up-to Neernahalli cross bus stop or Balegadde bus stop. So go in your own vehicle.
Please don’t throw plastics, bottles, waste materials in this place. Keep this place clean and peaceful. 

Photo Gallery: 

Photos & Information: Shriharsha B S and Ganesh Bhat - Sutthona Banni Team

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Banavasi Rathotsava - 2014

Banavasi Sri Madhukeshwara Devara Maha-Rathotsava-2014:

Banavasi is an ancient temple town in Uttara Kannada District bordering Shivamogga district in the south Indian state of Karnataka. It comes under Sirsi Taluk . Banavasi was one of the capital of the Kadamba Kings who established the first Kannada Empire in c.e 345AD.Lord Madhukeshwara Temple is major attraction of Banavasi.

Rathotsava is the biggest festival of Banavasi celebrated in the month of April every year. In Banavasi total four chariots are there.
  1. Hagalotsava Ratha (Small Chariot)
  2. Tiruguni Ratha (Paatala Chariot)
  3. Hoovina Ratha (Flower Chariot)
  4. Sri Manmahasyandana Ratha (Big Chariot/Dodda Teru)
"Sri Manmahasyandana Ratha (Big Chariot)" is the main attraction of Banavasi Rathotsava. It is also called as " Dodda Teru". It is one of the biggest Ratha (in height) in Karnataka which was donated by the King of Sonda Sri Ramachandra Nayak in the year 1608. This chariot has got the height of 75 feet & weight of about 150 tons. This chariot is one of the oldest chariot in Karnataka (406 Years).
Banavasi Rathotsava -2014 commence from 6th April-2014 and ends on 11th April-2014.

"Sutthona Banni Team Karnataka" heartily welcomes to all for "Banavasi Rathotsava-2014".

Banavasi Rathotsava-2014, Events Details:

6-4-2014 to 9-4-2014 - Hagalotsava Ratha & Tiruguni Ratha
10-4-2014 - Hoovina Ratha, Hagalotsava Ratha & Tiruguni Ratha
11-4-2014 - Sri Manmahasyandana Ratha (Big Chariot/Dodda Teru)

For more details about History of Banavasi & Tourist places near to Banavasi click on following links.

Photos & Information: Shriharsha B S- Sutthona Banni Team Karnataka

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kaadu Malleshwara Temple- Bangalore

Malleswara Kannada: ಮಲ್ಲೇಶ್ವರ is a north-western district of Bengaluru city. It developed as a suburb during the great plague of 1898, which caused many people to move out from the city center. It derives its name from the Kaadu Malleshwara temple.

The Kaadu/ Kadu Malleshwara Temple (ಕಾಡು ಮಲ್ಲೇಶ್ವರ) is a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva located in the Malleshwara locality of Bengaluru, India. The temple was built in the 17th century A.D. by Venkoji, the brother of the Maratha King Shivaji in Dravidian style of architecture. Shiva is worshipped as Mallikarjun. The main annual festival is Shivaratri. The locality of Malleshwara is named after this temple. One part of the temple, Nandishwara Teertha Temple (Basava Theertha), is in front of the temple. It is said to be the main source or birthplace of the Vrishabhavathi River.

Beside this temple you can visit the other 2 famous temples : Sri Gangamma Devi Temple and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple. 

Photo Gallery: 

Photos: Shriharsha B S, Shyamsundar Hegde, Ullas Haasyagar- Sutthona Banni Team-Karnataka
Information Courtesy: Shriharsha B S & Wikipedia

Banavasi Kadambotsava

Banavasi-Kadamba Dyanasty Video by Sutthona Banni Team

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